Dry Eye Clinic

We offer a dedicated clinic to evaluate and treat patients with dry eye. As there are many causes of dry eye, evaluation requires a systematic approach. In our dry eye clinic, we have specialized technology that helps to determine the causes so that the most effective treatment can be prescribed.

We offer various treatment options at our clinic. Treatment may consist of the use of lubricant eye drops, prescription anti-inflammatory drops, specialized contact lenses, punctal plugs, iLux® and BlephEx® therapy. Our evaluation will determine which treatment is best for you.

New dry eye technology:


If you suffer from meibomian gland dysfunction, you may be a candidate for iLux®. iLux® is a medical device that uses heat to unblock the glands that are responsible for the lipid or oily layer of the tear film. To learn more about iLux, click here.


Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids. This is a common cause of dry eye. If you suffer from blepharitis, we offer BlephEx® treatment. BlephEx® is a medical device that acts to remove excess bacteria, biofilm and bacterial toxins from the margin of your eyelid. To learn more about BlephEx®, click here.